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Choosing an adequate WordPress theme is like choosing a nice outfit, what you wear represents who you are, at the same time the kind of WordPress theme you provide will present your website to the world. Sometimes, WordPress designers may find themselves in a somewhat dilemma, where they try to find the themes that suit their website well. WordPress designers will try out various themes, again and again, trying to find out exactly what’s best for them. Finding the best free image for your website will give you the luxury to find the best free stock themes for your blog.

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There are various types of free image source websites. It could be free stock, free royalty and so on. You can get a lot of free images for the design of your WordPress website if you follow some important steps.

Ensure the purposes the images are meant for

You should be able to distinguish between free stock images and non-free stock images. Some website owners can choose to pay for the things they use, while some cannot just afford that. There are some sites that offer completely free stock photos with no royalty; other websites offer non-completely free stock photos with no royalty. You should be able to distinguish among the various options before you choose images that you are looking for.

For example, there is a photo platform called iStock photos. It is a non-completely free image site with no royalty fee. This means that you only have to pay once for the photo, and you have the opportunity to use it on multiple occasions. If you pay to use a photo for a blog post, you won’t need to pay if you want to use the picture for something else.

Find the best websites for free images

After you have ensured the type of images you want, the next thing is to look for sites that can offer you the best free stock images, and royalty free images that can be used to build your website. There are numerous websites that provide the best free stock images, but you need to go for the best ones that can really give you what you are looking for.

Here are some websites that can give you free image source for your WordPress.
IMG Photos

IMG.Photos dans free stock photos

IMG photos will remain the best location to find the images for your WordPress themes. IMG photos are so unique and it can drive your business more traffic. IMG photos should definitely be the first place to look for photos for your blog. Their photos are completely free and of great quality. The licensing terms are quite okay when you upload your photos to IMG, then you should know that it is free to share with anyone. Their terms are so clear and the services are quite interesting. I highly recommend IMG photos for the images that want to be used to source WordPress.
This website is so great for free images, especially the ones relevant for WordPress designs. They provide a very wide range of eye-catching photos for your WordPress blogs. The images are completely free to download and they are of high quality. You can also get to leave a message after you download so that the image creator can know what you think.
Advanced Google Search for images
The advanced Google imaging search is a very decent option to search for the images to use for your WordPress themes. You can find exciting and free images for your blog. But you need to utilize the advanced Google search to search for the ones that will be used to design your WordPress themes. Most images on Google are subject to copyright, that is why you have to utilize advanced Google search that is free stock and free from royalty.
Flickr Creative Commons
This is another amazing website where you can get quality free photos for your website. Though it is a little bit complex, it contains a whole lot of creative and unique pictures that can be used for the source of the WordPress themes. It houses a very large amount of pictures where you can select from the varieties. The numerous pictures usually come from different licenses. However, you need to check what exactly the images are meant for. Whether it is for individual use or commercial rules, it might likely come under different licenses. Flickr creative common is a free site that contains a lot of images that you could use to build the theme of your WordPress. It is like a free stock image search engine that displays images from different sources, and they give you the opportunity to find exactly what you need. They are very reliable, they provide so many images and visual more than you could ever imagine.
Take your photos
This is probably the easiest way you can get your very own free stock image for the design of the themes of your website. You can add photos you take yourself as your themes’ cover photos. As long as you own a nice digital camera, you wouldn’t even need the services of a cameraman. Taking good images is not rocket science; you can take fine and beautiful pictures on your own without depending on free stock images online. You can take pictures exactly as you want it and use it for your blog themes. You should also ensure that when installing your images, your plugins are compatible with the themes.

A WordPress theme with a nice image icon is very nice, and it can look so good if it’s applied in the right way. Installing plugin will improve the functionality of your website. Therefore, adding images to your plugin will certainly add more purpose and beauty to your website. Images and icons on your WordPress will certainly increase more web traffic and subscriber base to your website. Therefore, looking for the best free image for your website theme is never a bad idea.
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